Kangaroo Burgers

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Kangaroo Burgers

Quick Overview

At just about 98% lean, with more protein than lamb, beef or pork, Kangaroo has become one of the most sought-after foods for the health-conscious, the foodie, the chef and even average folks. A great-tasting, moderately gamey red meat, Kangaroo is a healthy alternative to beef burgers. It's also the perfect exotic meat for someone new to wild game flavors and has a similar taste to Venison. Wild Kangaroos are lean, strong and very active. They graze on natural grasses in Australia which produces a nearly fat free, nutrient dense game meat. It is the highest known source of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). The Kangaroo burgers come in 4oz patties ready to be tossed on the grill. You could also use ground Kangaroo to make meatballs, Kangaroo meat loaf or any other Kangaroo recipe that requires mince meat. Keep in mind, Kangaroo cooks very quickly. Cook it rare for the most tenderness and best flavor. Kangaroo burgers are one of our most popular items.

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Also Known As...
Roo, Rou, Australis

Serving Size = (1) 4oz patty
Calories - 100
Fat - 2g
Trans Fat - 0g

Cooking Tips
Due to the low fat content, Kangaroo is best cooked Rare or Medium Rare. It's easy to overcook and end up with a tough piece of meat, so cook it quickly and gently and you'll be blown away by the tenderness and flavor.

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