Our Story (Under Construction)

The Meatman was founded in with one simple belief: that the finest foods in the world should be available to everyone at a time of their choosing, not reserved for exclusive steakhouses and restaurants where only the privileged few can dine on very rare occasion. In short, we wanted to make restaurant-quality foods available to everyone at home.

Like many success stories, The Meatman came from humble beginnings. From 1997 through the early 2000's, the only way to order from us was via telephone. Our menus were paper, photocopied by the hundreds and handed out to anyone who would take one. Orders were personally delivered and our reach extended only to a small local area.

In 2007, our website was launched to facilitate easier ordering for our local customer base. Very soon after, we began shipping to all 50 states in the USA, quickly realizing that the country was hungry for a place to find what they couldn't at their local supermarket: prime beef, exotic meats, Kurobuta pork and rare finds like genuine imported Kobe Beef...the list goes on.

In 2008, after attending the University of Central Florida and re-locating from Orlando, Florida back to their hometown of St. Petersburg, founders opened the first Meatman retail store. Our headquarters was based on 4th Street North, the gateway to St. Pete, in a 3,000 square foot space and our first year was a resounding success.

Our goal was to change the way people thought about and purchased food, making restaurant-quality meats available to everyone at their own home. We always thought The Meatman would set the standard for how people would shop for steaks, wild game and other meats in the future.

Nowadays, consumers are becoming more and more conscientious about what they eat; where it comes from, what it was fed, the nutritional value and other details are an important part of determining the quality of a particular food. How it is raised, butchered, preserved, packaged and delivered is also of paramount importance for maintaining freshness, taste and texture.

In 2011, we made the difficult decision to close the retail store in favor of offering more products at better prices to our online customers via our rapidly growing web presence. Online we were able to offer a better selection, easier ordering and faster delivery, in addition to making our foods available to people in every corner of the country.


What Makes Us Different

  • Widest selection of meats on the web.
  • Unrivaled quality standards.
  • Professional Master Butchers.
  • Total transparency (we'll tell you where our meats come from, what they were fed, how they were raised and virtually anything else you care to know about them).
  • A deep interest in (obsession with?) meats and the world's finest foods.
  • Devoted customer service with an unyielding desire to get you the best of what you want with the consistency and reliability you need.
  • Free Shipping on every order, all the time, with no minimums.
  • Fast delivery.
  • No sales tax (unless you're shipping to a Florida address).
  • A loyal community of meat lovers to interact with and share reviews, opinions, recipes, tips and techniques.
  • A "small" business in the true sense of the word, founded by two college friends and entrepreneurs with a passion for fine foods.

What the Competition Does

What They Do: Show you cooked foods instead of raw meat. If you're buying premium meat on the web, how can you know the quality of what you're purchasing if you're only shown the cooked item? What color is the meat? How fine and
plentiful is the marbling? Other companies try to convince you to make a purchase with appetizing photos of food cooked by trained chefs and shot by professional photographers while selling a sub-par product.

The Meatman Difference: We take all of our own photos in-house. We ONLY display photographs of our actual stock (identical to what you will receive when you order), and we show it in three phases: raw, packaged and cooked. We want you to know exactly what you're
getting and what you can expect it to look like upon arrival, once you unpackage it and after you cook it.


What They Do: Withold the grade of beef they sell. If it's not USDA Prime, Kobe or another premium breed, it's not worth your time or money.

The Meatman Difference: We clearly educate our customers on beef grades and the qualifications for each. Only USDA Prime (just 2.9% of beef qualifies) and other premium grades are carried by The Meatman. If it's not of the highest possible quality, you won't find it on our menu.

What They Do: Offer you a small selection of meats you can find at your local supermarket.

The Meatman Difference: We offer a variety of cuts and grades of beef, but also a large selection of exotic meats, pork, poultry and more. Seafood and desserts will also be returning to The Meatman soon.


What They Do: No source or feed information.

The Meatman Difference: We tell you where your meat comes from, what it's fed, how it got to us and how it'll get to you.


What They Do: No track record of customer trust and loyalty.

The Meatman Difference: The Meatman is a name you can trust, in business since 1997.


What They Do: A focus on profits and the bottom line.

The Meatman Difference: Our focus is on customer service and creating a community of like-minded meat lovers where you can not only buy the foods you love, but exchange reviews, recipes, tips and more with your fellow foodies.



1997 - The Meatman was born as an idea between two college friends to make the finest foods in the world available to anyone, any time. Not just beef and common cuts, but wild game and exotic meats as well.

1998-2005 - The Meatman's reputation for premium quality and profoundly dedicated customer service was built through the labor of its young owners, passing out paper menus by hand and personally delivering customer's orders.

2006 - We purchased our first climate-controlled vehicle for local deliveries.

2007 - Our website was launched at MeatmanSteaks.com and we began taking local orders online.

2008 - The first Meatman retail store opens in St. Petersburg, Florida on 4th Street North to service local customers. Our web catalog expands and we begin shipping to all 50 states in the USA.

2013 - The Meatman launches a new website and enhanced shopping experience.


Our Guarantee

We guarantee our foods and our service without question. Please visit The Meatman Guarantee to read more about our promise to our customers.